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President's Message

President’s Message to Dundee and Angus Battalion of the Boys Brigade
I am writing to let you know that on Friday I informed the Battalion Management Team that I was resigning from the post of President of the Dundee and Angus Battalion of the Boys Brigade.

This is not something that I did lightly, but after a considerable period of thought.

We recently, as you know, held a very useful Zoom meeting with Alan Hunter, John Sharp and Simon McNeill from Carronvale to discuss the future of the Battalion. This led the Management team to agree to set up a Short Life Working Group to carry out a review of the Battalion’s work and activities. The Group would consult widely within the Battalion and bring forward a report with any proposals that they considered should be implemented. That report would go to a meeting of the Battalion Council which would then decide on any action to be taken.

Unfortunately, there is a perception that my intention in this is to work against the Battalion and to denigrate the work done by the existing Task Groups. That is very, very far from the case. The existing Task Groups have all done a tremendous amount of good work and I would not wish to say anything against what has been done over the years. However, the retiral of several people and a difficulty in finding volunteers to take over led me to suggest that what the Battalion was doing and how it was done should be reviewed. If anything could be done in a different or better way, then improvements could be made.

Following our last Management Team Meeting in October I was optimistic that our Working Group would be able to get to work and I was looking forward to working with them. The whole purpose of this review is intended to benefit the Battalion and thereby benefit the experience of the Boys for whom it exists.

I am afraid that in the course of the last week it had become clear to me that any involvement on my part would be of no help to that Group or to the Battalion as a whole. Indeed, it seemed to me that my involvement would taint whatever conclusions the Group were to reach. This would undermine any review process and achieve no positive outcome.

My term as President was due to end in May of next year and I had hoped to complete that term and to contribute something positive for the future of the Battalion. I was honoured by being invited to be the President of this Battalion. It has a long and distinguished history and over the years it has had, and continues to have, many dedicated members who work hard to implement the objectives of the Boys Brigade. I wish to take this opportunity to thank those who have helped me as incomer during the last five and a half years. It is also an opportunity to pay tribute to those in Companies across the battalion and in the Battalion team who put in a lot of time and effort to help the boys to have a great experience and add something special to their lives.

I wish the Battalion well for its future.


Scott Williamson: 7 November 2020

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