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Battalion Report on Queen’s Badge & Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards August 2020.

Battalion Report on Queen’s Badge & Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards August 2020

Queen’s Badge

Strange times indeed, There were no completion courses this Spring due to Covid 19 restrictions. Those candidates who had completed all sections and were enrolled on 2020 courses have been given a special dispensation and should receive their Queen’s Badge and certificate once HQ staff return from furlough.

The battalion has 22 current candidates from five companies who started in 2019 and are scheduled to complete their Queen’s Badges by Spring 2021.  To ensure no member is denied  gaining their Queen’s Badge a special review of the award conditions is currently being investigated by HQ staff. Local advisors were invited to comment on the draft proposals by 7th August and final guidelines are awaited.   

It is unlikely any residential skills courses or completion courses will be available until next year but this may change depending on the national situation.

For those who gained their President’s Badge this year and wish to enrol for the Queen’s Badge, I understand captain’s submitted applications have been accepted by HQ although badges and certificates have not yet been sent out 

So far, I know of 11 new candidates from four companies who gained their Presidents’ badges in 2019 and have been registered by captains for the Queen’s Badge course.    I am still waiting to receive replies from at least another two companies which may have boys wishing to undertake their Queen’s Badge. 

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme (DofE)

The DofE have taken a different view of their programme and are encouraging participants to engage in programmes which can be undertaken during the Covid restrictions. Some sections may appear to be approved by household family members. The scheme administrators are also looking at different challenges to replace the compulsory expedition/exploration element of their scheme. 

Having listened to Jonathon Eales recent webinar I understand that the Brigade will not be following the DofE lead and will continue to work to Government / Brigade and local church guidelines. 

Currently, this makes it quite challenging for BB leaders supervising those working to Bronze or Silver Awards as many BB facilities are still not available apart from online internet and zoom type meetings.

A Personal Note

Twelve months ago , I noted in my August 2019 report that some battalions have two or three Queen’s Badge Advisors and our battalion would benefit from the appointment of an additional advisor as we regularly have the second highest number of QB candidates in the Mid Scottish BB area.

This is now imperative, as my own circumstances both personal health and family care duties may make fulfilling my advisor’s duties difficult.   

Roddy Taylor  Date:  22nd August 2020


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